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Ambush Edition



Pure intensity and determination, mixed with passion.


Hearing Performance Inserts

Our Fury Hearing Performance Inserts are created, designed, and digitally programmed for hunting in the most extreme environments. Specific custom sound programs increase critical sounds which can aid in spatial mapping and help in locating game. Equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry they are programmed to give you a smoother transition in and out of full compression, which eliminates the distracting on and off effects that can be common in other electronic hearing protection. With a push of a button you can easily switch from one program to another. Ideal for hunting elk, ducks, geese, upland game, and many others. The Fury are built specifically for the relentless hunter.

    Sound Programs

    Shotgun  | Rifle  |  Custom


    This unique sound program is acoustically designed to enhance Waterfowl as well as Upland Game calls and communication cues, all while providing great lightning-fast compression and superior compression ratios for protection against shotgun blasts!


    This unique sound program provides great lightning-fast compression and superior compression ratios for protection against muzzle blasts from large and small caliber rifles.


    This is one of our favorite sound programs, this program is completely built around your specific acoustic hunting needs. (We will customize with you when ordering)


    • 4 Channel Dynamic Compression
    • 12 Band Equalizer Gain Adjustment
    • 26 dB NRR
    • Adaptive Feedback Reduction
    • Aural-Shield shock Absorption/Durability
    • Custom Fit Hearing Performance Inserts
    • HF-3 Filter
    • Tri-Mode Noise Reduction
    • Wind Guard

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