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Hearing Performance Inserts

The Vanguard are our flagship model HPI’s. They are the most advanced in digital hearing protection for hunters. Equipped with bluetooth connectivity you can listen to music, hear your surroundings and protect your hearing all at once. The Vanguard have up to four independent custom shooting sound programs, with a push of a button you can change from safari mode to shotgun mode. These sound programs are acoustically designed to enhance specific sounds that are crucial in hunting environments. Equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry they are programmed to give you a smoother transition in and out of full compression, which eliminates the distracting on and off effects that can be common in other electronic hearing protection. This technology gives you the precise programming capabilities to fit your exact shooting needs. Whether it be hunting big game or upland game, stay connected with the Vanguard.

    Sound Programs

    Safari  | Shotgun  |  Custom  |  Bluetooth  |  Hearing Aid


    This sound program is acoustically designed to accentuate the critical frequencies found in the speech range, as well as provide lightning-quick compression for protection against big game guns/big bor muzzle blast.


    This unique sound program is acoustically designed to enhance Waterfowl as well as Upland Game calls and communication cues, all while providing great lightning-fast compression and superior compression ratios for protection against shotgun blasts!


    This is one of our favorite sound programs, this program is completely built around your specific acoustic hunting needs. (We will customize with you when ordering)


    Now you have the freedom to listen to music, phone calls, podcast etc. all within a custom-fit earpiece.

    Hearing Aid

    If you’re suffering from any hearing loss this program now gives you the added ability to be customized to your specific hearing loss based on a professional audiogram.


    • 12 Compression Channels
    • 26 dB NRR
    • Aural-Shield shock Absorption/Durability
    • Bluetooth Connectivity Music+Calls
    • Custom Fit Hearing Performance Inserts
    • HF-3 Filter
    • Impulse Noise Reduction
    • Wind Guards
    • Synchronized Push Button

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