Hearing Performance Inserts

Our F-12 Hearing Performance Inserts are created, designed, and digitally programmed for training and competing at the highest level. Specific custom sound programs increase critical sounds which can aid in spatial mapping and help reduce competition stress. Customized sound programs increase the timer, your bullet hitting a steel plate hundreds of yards out, the clay throwing machine as well as voice commands. Equipped with the most precise and advanced technology in the industry. Programmed to give you a smoother transition in and out of full compression. Which eliminates the distracting on and off effects that can be common in other electronic hearing protection. With a push of a button you can easily switch from one program to another. Ideal for sporting clays, competition pistol, three gun or precision rifle. The F-12’s are the most customizable and advanced HPI built specifically for competitors.

Sound Program Options



  • Custom Fit Hearing Performance Inserts
  • 80+ Hours Continuous Battery Life
  • HF-3 Filters Ensure Durability
  • Sweat & Wind Resistant
  • 26 dB NRR


Customized Sound Programs to deliver critical auditory information.
Customized to ensure all day comfort, you’ll forget your wearing them.
Over 80+ hrs of continuous battery life.
Aural-Shield, HF-3 Filters, Ferrofluid, and Microphone/Wind guards.
One Year Warranty



❝ My F-12’s are one of my greatest tools, they protect my hearing, yet allow me to hear the crucial sounds I need in order to compete at the highest level ❞

– JJ Racaza