Hearing Performance Inserts

Made with simplicity in mind. The F-4’s are equipped with one customized sound program that is programmed to your hearing with an adjustable volume control. Our universal sound program enhances critical sounds found in the shooting environment yet still protects from damaging muzzle blast. Programmed to give you a smoother transition in and out of full compression. Which eliminates the distracting on and off effects that can be common in other electronic hearing protection. F-4’s are simply made to enhance and protect simultaneously.


  • Featuring the UNIVERSAL sound program
  • Custom fit hearing Performance Inserts
  • Range Master Sound Profile
  • 80+ Hours Continuous Battery Life
  • Sweat-Dust Resistant
  • Wind Guard
  • Aural-Shield
  • Volume Control
  • 26 dB NRR


Customized Sound Programs to deliver critical auditory information.
Customized to ensure all day comfort, you’ll forget your wearing them.
Over 80+ hrs of continuous battery life.
Aural-Shield, HF-3 Filters, Ferrofluid, and Microphone/Wind guards.
One Year Warranty

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